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Over the years we’ve learned business owners like you care about three things when it comes to insurance: knowing your business is protected, not having to deal with claims when an accident happens, and paying a fair price. At ASI, we heavily emphasize three things in our interactions with our business customers:

  1. Service – We truly believe in serving our customers for life. In every interaction with the businesses we serve – from the local plumber to the large regional business – we keep in mind the long term. Every piece of advice we give is made with the idea that we will be doing business for years going forward. We’ve found that is something business owners appreciate.
  2. Speed – Something we take pride in at ASI is the speed at which we do business. From quotes to servicing claims, we get it done… quick. We know how important time is to our customers so we try our best to take care of them as quickly and efficiently as possible. When something goes wrong you can rest assured knowing that we’ll be there to help get your business back on it’s feet asap.
  3. Save – We realize minimizing expenses is always near the top of the list (if not top of the list) for our business customers so we strive to save them money. One important benefit of insuring your business with ASI is that we can check prices across over 15 insurance companies. As you know from your own business experience, when companies compete, prices go down. Another benefit of ASI is that we include free monitoring for rate increases on your premium. That way you can spend more time running your business and less time running around getting quotes.

Why Business Owners Choose Us

Here's Four to Get You Started


Over agents have an average of over 14 years experience in the insurance industry.


We pride ourselves on being exceptionally quick to give quotes as well as handling claims.


We really emphasize the relationship at ASI. We serve our customers for life.


When disaster hits, you’ve got a friend just down the street.

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Industries We Specialize In

  • Excavation Contractor Insurance
  • Plumbing Contractor Insurance
  • Electrical Contractor Insurance
  • Refrigeration Contractor Insurance
  • HVAC Contractor Insurance
  • Utility Contractor Insurance
  • Concrete Contractor Insurance
  • Oil and Gas Contractor Insurance
  • Commercial General Contractor Insurance
  • Residential General Contractor Insurance
  • Carpentry Contractor Insurance
  • Garage Operations Insurance
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Agricultural Operations Insurance
  • Hotel/Motel Insurance
  • Restaurant Insurance

A Few of Our Carriers

Our Commercial Agents

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Matt Wilcox

Matt Wilcox

Bryan Sims

Bryan Sims

501-513-2195 x237
Tina Isom

Tina Isom

Sherry Oswald

Sherry Oswald

501-513-2195 x234
Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Agent / Partner
Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis

Agent / Partner

What Our Customers Say About Us

Customer Testimonials

Us at Porter's Commercial Refrigeration would like to take this opportunity to brag on ASI, especially Jeremy Davis and Sarah Crowder. We are asked at least once a year to consider changing agencies because they could save us money. We always tell them NO because it is not only about the money, it's also about the special service we receive. Money cannot buy you that. We would recommend them to anyone and have on several occasions.

Sharon MayhewCorporate Secretary, Porter Refrigeration

We switched to ASI a little over a year ago.  Not only were we able to save money, but the service has been exceptional.  Matt Wilcox and the rest of his team are very responsive and knowledgeable whenever we need anything.  We are very pleased with ASI and their service.

David HicksGeneral Manager, Preferred Medical

We would recommend American Safeguard Insurance to anyone needing such services or products.  ASI offers exceptional service at competitive prices and keeps abreast of changing industry trends.  We could not be more pleased with our relationship.

John and Mitzi HarganOwners, Hargan Construction Company

Trusted by Millions

Fun fact – independent insurance agencies write 35% of all personal insurance premiums and 81% of all commercial insurance premiums. And that’s without spending billions on advertising. Give us a call and you’ll know why.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you are satisfied with your current agent. That said, we are simply offering a second opinion. Insurance premiums continue to be one of a company’s largest expenses each year and from all signs in the industry a rate reduction is unlikely. If you were able to manage your current risk at a lower premium and get increased coverage would you consider a change? Getting a second opinion is the only way to find out.

Yes, we sure can. We represent some of the largest insurance companies in the nation (think Berkshire Hathaway, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, and Nationwide). For a full list of our insurance carriers, see here.

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